FAQs | NC State LIVE@Centennial

(formerly known as NC State LIVE@the Lot)

Where is the concert located?
Our drive-in concert will be held in the Spring Hill Park and Ride Lot. The address is 698 Barbour Drive, Raleigh NC 27603. If you enter “Spring Hill Park and Ride” into Google Maps, it will get you to the lot. SEE MAP HERE. 

Do I need a ticket?
Yes, one (1) Gate Pass is required per vehicle for each concert due to the limited number of parking spaces available. Gate Passes are $5 for NC State Students and $10 for the general public, faculty and staff. You may bring as many people as your vehicle can accommodate with seat belts. No bikes will be permitted.

Gate Passes are only available for purchase online until 4pm on the day of each show.

How will the concert’s audio be streamed?
The audio from the concert will be available on a radio frequency and via speakers from the stage. Attendees will tune in to the radio station in their vehicle or roll down their windows. The frequency will be announced at the event. 

When should I arrive?
Gates and Food Trucks will open at 5:30pm. The concert will begin at 6:30pm. Please be considerate and arrive before the show begins.

Can I still attend the event if I am running late?
Entry will be permitted until 10 minutes after the concert has started.

Can we sit outside of or on top of our vehicle?
You may sit on your vehicle (i.e. in your truck bed, on the tailgate, and/or in the back of our SUV).

You must remain in (or on) your vehicle at all times, except to use the restroom. Remember, the concert will be transmitted through your radio, so inside your vehicle will offer the best audio experience. Please follow NC State’s Community Standards to do your part to Protect the Pack.

Do I have to wear a face covering when walking to the restroom?
In keeping with NC State’s Community Standards, effective May 1, 2021 face coverings are not required in outside areas, but they are highly encouraged, especially for those who have not yet been vaccinated. It is recommended that you wear a face covering if you are outside of your vehicle, including when you are sitting on your vehicle or walking to and from the restroom.

How long is the concert?
Musicians will take the stage at 6:30pm and play for 75 minutes.

What happens if it rains?
Our concerts can proceed in light rain, but will be rescheduled if weather forecast is severe. The rain dates have been scheduled for: Violet Bell on April 15, Charly Lowry on April 23, Jack the Radio on May 7, and Caique Vidal & Batuque on May 21 with gates opening at 5:30pm and the concerts at 6:30pm.with gates opening at 5:30pm and the concerts at 6:30pm. We will let Gate Pass holders know via email and on the website if the concert is going to be moved to the rain date.

How will food from food trucks be delivered to my car?
You will be able to place your order and purchase food from food trucks using the Street Food Finder app on your cell phone. We encourage you to download the the Street Food Finder app before attending. Food Truck staff will deliver your food to your car.

Can I bring my own food?
Yes, attendees are welcome to bring their own food to eat in their car. Food trucks will also be available on site offering cell-phone ordering and delivery (see question above).

Is alcohol allowed?
No. Alcohol is not allowed at this event.

Can I walk or bike to the event?
No. To ensure physical distancing all attendees must be in a vehicle at the event. 

Are pets allowed?
No. For the safety and comfort of others, pets are not permitted at the event. Only service animals are allowed.

Will there be restrooms?
Yes. On-site portable restrooms will be available.

Can I leave my vehicle engine running during the concert?
No. Vehicles should be turned off during the event. You may briefly turn on your vehicle to clear your windows, if necessary. 

Will physical distancing be in effect at this event?
Yes. Please remain inside (or on) your vehicle during the event, unless you are walking to or from the restroom. Always keep a 6-foot physical distance from others when on the grounds. Do not attend the event if you are sick or have been around someone that has been sick.

How does parking work?
Parking attendants will direct you to your parking space. We will be spacing the cars out so that we can plan for social distancing measures. We will also park more compact cars closer to the stage and taller vehicles a bit further away. The stage will be elevated to be visible from all parking spaces.

Can children get out and play?
No, remember there are cars driving around and restrictions on physical distancing are in place. Please keep yourself and your family members inside (or on) your vehicle unless you are using the restroom facilities.

Can I smoke?
Smoking is prohibited on the grounds. There will not be any designated smoking areas available.

Can I leave and come back in?
No. Please see the staff in the event you have an emergency and need to leave. They will help safely guide you out of the event if necessary.  

What COVID-19 precautions are you taking?

  • Reduced parking lot capacity with space between vehicles. 
  • Gate passes are available online only. No passes will be available in person.    
  • Limited contact between patrons and staff at the gate during check-in.
  • All staff will be wearing face coverings.  
  • We have reduced the number of touch points to the bare minimum.
  • Sanitizing stations near the restrooms.
  • Patrons are to stay in or on their vehicles unless they are going to the restrooms.
  • It is recommended that patrons wear face coverings when they are outside of their vehicles (including sitting on their vehicles or walking to the restroom).
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