NC State LIVE Mini-Grant Program

Call for Proposals for NC State LIVE Engagement Programs


NC State LIVE’s mission is to connect performing artists and audiences in a meaningful exploration of the diverse cultures and issues that define our communities and world. We accomplish our mission through a programming philosophy that embraces diversity and an audience development philosophy that emphasizes engagement, education and collaboration.

We aim to inspire compassionate communities through the transformative power of the performing arts through the following goals:

  • To feature an inclusive and diverse array of disciplines, cultures, traditions, and perspectives;
  • To connect artists and individuals in an exchange of ideas, academic discourse, and critical thinking;
  • To integrate the arts into the academic and social life of the campus through curricular connections and community-building content.

NC State LIVE Mini-Grant Program

To promote these goals, we have created the NC State LIVE Mini-Grant Program, which provides funding to faculty and staff to develop and implement interdisciplinary programs to enhance student learning through NC State LIVE’s programming. This program seeks to engage a broad spectrum of faculty and staff looking to use the arts to enrich their curricular goals.

Proposal Requirements

  1. All NC State faculty and staff are eligible to submit proposals.
  2. Awards must be spent, and programs completed by May 1, 2019. A final report (see below) must be submitted to NC State LIVE by May 15, 2019.
  3. Proposal funds must be spent on programs that engage students and are curricularly connected to one or more of the performances hosted by NC State LIVE during the 2018/2019 academic year. For information about the current NC State LIVE season of artists, go to
  4. The program must include the expected attendance (with excused absences) of involved students at the related NC State LIVE performance. When possible, NC State LIVE will make every effort to make the associated artist available for engagement with students beyond the performance.
  5. Allowable expenses include facilities, speakers, artists, and supplies. Excludes food, alcohol and programs only for faculty and staff. Once awarded, NC State LIVE staff will work directly with recipients regarding the process for payment of expenses.

Proposal Content

Proposals must be submitted as a pdf file to NC State LIVE via email to

Proposals must clearly identify the following:

  1. Title
  2. Department / College
  3. Faculty / staff contact name and email address
  4. Key personnel
  5. Associated NC State LIVE performance / artist
  6. Amount Requested
  7. Narrative description of the program or event, including program goals. (limit of 1000 words)
  8. Project timeline
  9. Budget, including any other funding sources
  10. Target population to be served
  11. Assessment. A method of collecting feedback/reflections from students, faculty and staff about the program’s impact
  12. A statement allowing NC State LIVE to publicize the awardees’ programs on its website, and promote the programs (if open to all students)

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

A panel of faculty and staff determined by the NC State LIVE team will review, evaluate and submit rankings of the proposals. The panel will evaluate proposals based on the following criteria:

  1. The program’s expected effectiveness in addressing one or more of NC State LIVE’s goals (see above);
  2. The degree to which the program proposes to integrate the related NC State LIVE performance and/or artist (when possible);
  3. The program’s method of assessment / evaluation;
  4. The appropriateness of the budget for the program.

Proposal Funding

In 2018-2019, the NC State LIVE Mini-Grant program has up to $5000 in funding to award to campus partners thanks to the Student Success Fund. We expect to fund 3 to 7 projects. Submissions will be reviewed on an ongoing basis until funds are depleted. The number of awards will depend on the number of acceptable proposals received and the amount of funding available. If the committee determines that none of the proposals merit funding, it is possible that no funds will be distributed.

Award Administration

Awardees are expected to complete a final report to be submitted to NC State LIVE no later than May 15, 2019. Final reports should be submitted to NC State LIVE via email to

Final Report Requirements

The final report should include the following:

  1. Program objectives and impact. How did the program meet its stated goals and serve the goals of NC State LIVE?
  2. Program assessment. How was impact measured and how effective was the program?
  3. Final accounting of budgeted versus actual funds spent.
  4. Anecdotal feedback from participants on the benefit and impact of the program.

Contact for Questions

For more information, contact Liza Green, Associate Director of NC State LIVE, at or 919.513.7155. Go to to find information about the current NC State LIVE season of artists.


Proposal Submission

Proposals must be submitted as a pdf file to NC State LIVE via email to There is no proposal deadline – submissions will be reviewed on an ongoing basis until funds are depleted.