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NC State LIVE receives a grant from the Sustainability Fund


NC State LIVE has been awarded a grant from the NC State Sustainability Fund to support an artist residency with The Nile Project.

In March 2017, NC State LIVE will host the international tour of the Nile Project, a gathering of artists from the 11 Nile basin countries to make music that combines the region’s diverse instruments, languages and traditions.

Using music to spark cultural curiosity, the Nile Project features a series of participatory workshops and presentations that explore cultural, political and environmental issues through a musical lens.

NC State LIVE has assembled university presenting partners from Appalachian State University, Western Carolina University, Wingate University, East Carolina University, and UNC Wilmington to join in this multi-university statewide residency. Raleigh-area partners include the Water Resources Research Institute of the UNC System, the City of Raleigh Office of Sustainability and Public Utilities Office, and the NC State University Office of Sustainability.

The North Carolina partners propose to engage their campuses and communities in conversations and activities to foster cooperation around local sustainability challenges, social justice issues, and global cooperation.

CLICK HERE to read the award announcement from the NC State Sustainability Fund.